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Kamigami no Asobi PSP Game Translation - Loki Chapter 3 + All Endings

Loki Chapter 3 [DOWNLOAD - .docx format]
Loki Fate Endings [DOWNLOAD - .docx format]
Loki Love Endings [DOWNLOAD - .docx format]

Oh my god this took like a million years and Loki’s route is so long but here!! It’s finally here!! happy tears

Loki’s endings let you choose between sugary sweet and playful moments or a waterfall of tears. It’s your choice, friend. (I really love Loki though, so I think all parts of his route are wonderful ;u;)

As always, please enjoy!! And see my other translations on my translation masterlist!


Kamigami no Asobi PSP Game Translation: Sports Festival (Loki ver.) + Loki Chapters 1 & 2

Sports Festival (Loki): [DOWNLOAD - .docx format]
Loki Chapter 1: [DOWNLOAD - .docx format]
Loki Chapter 2: [DOWNLOAD - .docx format]

It’s finally here! Loki’s route is really long compared to Hades, so it took a while, but here’s the first half!♪

I love Loki’s route a lot, it’s very bittersweet and full of important lessons, and the first few chapters are so full of adorable things (;▽;) Loki’s speech is pretty fun to translate too!☆

Other chapters I’ve translated are here in my translation masterlist!


Kamigami no Asobi; ep. 05  "The unforgivable heart"

Tsukito: “When we were young, a goddess fell from a cliff right before Totsuka Takeru’s eyes. She was a kind goddess, who’d looked after him since the day he was born. Totsuka Takeru tried to save her, but he was young and weak. Those who saw it misunderstood and thought Totsuka Takeru had pushed her off the cliff. He insisted that wasn’t true, but due to his uncouth nature, people continued to doubt him.”  

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