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Hey guys, thanks for waiting after weeks of delay!

This is a giveaway for my Final Fantasy XIV Soul Crystal charms. Each charm is cut and laminated. There will be up to three winners. (Terribly sorry for the LQ photo)

  1. Reblog + like for two entries. No giveaway blogs, please.
  2. Optional bells!
  3. Entry cut-off will be on August 4th, 23:59 PST 
  4. Contacting winners through their ask boxes, so please keep it open for that time.
  5. First place will receive five of their choosing; second, three; third, two. Please don’t feel restricted to choose different ones; if u want 3 BLM, u got it
  6. Will ship internationally.

Good luck everyone! also please wish me luck on my atma grind

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